The designer’s eclectic vision is the type of aesthetic we yearn for when it comes to our next traveling destinations.


San Francisco Proper Hotel

A room by design visionary Kelly Wreastler carries a distinguishable quality, it distills her character even when the repertoire of spaces she has fashioned is quite ample and diverse. This is perhaps one of her singular trademarks: the identity she has so sharply managed to materialize.

Her compositions are daringly eclectic, always infused with a mixture of materials and temporalities. A dash of mid-century modern merges with an art-deco aura; a whimsical quality becomes lavish and also exhibits a sense of bohemian flare. She has created a remarkable brand of assorted aesthetic richness. Chromatic ingeniousness mixes with a sensibility towards a harmonious sense of rich variety. Elements range from the most contrasting sources and yet crystallize in a delightful and pleasurable balance.

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Decor and Style

A recent piece on her in Domino magazine exuberantly describes her creative force: “Among her toolbox of trademarks: peacock green and brass, painterly geometric prints, warm marble, slick lacquer, standout vintage from Ettore Sottsass to Tobia Scarpa, and—always—the earthy naturalism of her West Coast home base mixed with the reflective shine of futurist worlds yet to be discovered.”

Interior design, like many forms of art, is highly based on creating a voice. Wreastler has been cultivating hers since 1995, when she first launched her design studio. She now acts as queen to a marvelous vision that has been spread in many destination hotels. She revamped the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills, the Viceroy properties, and some of the Proper Hotels (like the ones in Los Angeles and San Francisco.) This last one is a wonderful assemblage of 1920s modernism merged with retro chicness and colorful coordination.

Of course she is also the mastermind behind many homes, many of which are often featured in magazine covers and dreamy editorial spreads. But Wreastler’s way of shaping hotels speaks about the versatile heterogeneity behind her imagination. She creates rooms that can be both lavish and whimsical, fantastical and slightly retro, playful and smooth or modernist yet lively. She understands the enchantment of contrast and the power of the unexpected.

Relaxed sophistication is also a trademark for lazy poets. Aesthetes usually create experiences in which the lives of spaces can correlate to the choices for intimate living. What you eat and what you wear is part of the soul-seeking experience of beauty. We can’t think of a better way to indulge in laidback luxury sleepwear than in the dreamy rooms Wreastler has enlivened in different hotels.

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