Aesthetes know there is great power in the cultivation of details. 


Flowers are the ultimate reminder that there can be great joy in simplicity. They are an instant way of experiencing the splurge of sensorial delight. We are feverishly enamored of floral shops in Paris. We adore the spring air that fills New York city with tulips and cherry blossoms. The season bouquets, fresh and wild, seen on the streets of Amsterdam. We relish with Colombian wild roses and orchids. We await for peonies and their blooming marvel of pink.

We delight with the sight of flowers gracing an entryway, cheering up an exquisite hotel lobby, igniting a touch of bliss on a bedside table. They can transform the pleasure of a brunch table in the warm outdoors. Bring easy color into the kitchen. They bring life to a simple corner, create atmosphere in a bathroom and add richness to objects and colors. They liven the very space being inhabited.


Sanctuary Home Decor

You can go for exuberance and mixture. Simplicity and whiteness. A touch of wildness. Peonies or wild roses can be put in ceramic white and blue pitchers and vases. Hydrangeas can fill up a glass vase. Water glasses can be filled with a colorful small flower. Tulips can beautifully brighten a boudoir. White roses can sit in a bathroom. Dahlias can brighten a nightstand. Gardenias can fill the atmosphere as you lounge lazily on a Sunday, in your delicious pajamas, eyes stuck on a book you are currently reading.

In Amsterdam, cake designer and decorator Natasja Sadi is the bright mind behind Cake Atelier Amsterdam, a studio that marvelously creates cakes and sugar flowers. She has claimed to feel enthusiasm when people ask themselves what is real and what is made of sugar. Petals are extraordinarily recreated in her art work. But Sadi also sees flowers in themselves as a way of rendering an art creation, and hence she also assembles the most exquisite floral arrangements, usually placed in dreamy white and blue ceramic vases. She will publish a new arrangement on Instagram every Sunday. Floral wonders are, of course, a perfect motif for a digital gaze that delights with beautiful images as well.

The Cut

Style, simplicity and skill are the three principles taught at the McQueens Flower School in London. As a leading design center that offers floristry courses in a variety of formats, they have been shaping a stylish and thoughtful line of thought since 1991. Their vision has also been expanded globally with headquarters in Mexico, the United States and Spain. One can take a glimpse at the rich world of flowers by looking at their programs and possibilities.

There is deep joy in arranging flowers as they encourage patience and delicacy in us. Flowers can also enhance memory, reduce stress, they can be healing and can reinforce affections. A lazy poet enjoys a sunny morning, clad in pajamas, kitchen filled with the smell of fresh coffee, vases and fresh flowers ready to be composed. Arranging them is also a way of telling a story and adding dash of poetry to daily life.

Natasja Sadi

Cake Atelier Amsterdam

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