On the invisible border between Arizona and Utah, this extraordinary enclave is an enigmatic site on Canyon Point. Remote and mysterious, the panoramic drive in this extraordinary.


Sometimes the ultimate luxury is the purifying silence found in privacy. Also, as is the case with the Amangiri Hotel, it’s also delving into the splendor of nature and the divine visions it can display. The monastic silence of the desert, the rustic tranquility, the open sky and the rocky formations, dazzling and magnificent all assemble this experience. One that is actually not that easy to get to it.

“The resort is actually a rectangular pavilion with razor-sharp edges, made of polished concrete, almost disappearing completely in the rocky landscape. The clever design of the hotel complex is inspired by the rugged nature of the Utah landscape and the distinctive Entrada sandstone. Adrian Zecha, the founder of Aman Resorts, and the trio of architects Marwan Al Sayed, Wendell Burnette and Rick Joy designed Amangiri as a contemporary interpretation of traditional Native American architecture, in harmony with the desert landscape, with nature as the ultimate protagonist”; wrote Debby Pappyn in a review for The Telegraph.

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The desert is the real treasure in this visual spectacle. With rooms going up to 1.000 square feet – and a luxury suite with over 3.000 – they may also have stunning vistas from the magnificent bathtubs that face glorious windows. Minimally decorated spaces fill the eyes and senses with a sense of tranquility and ease. There are private terraces and fireplaces, Navajo-inspired spa treatments and exploration possibilities such as touring the Rattlesnake Canyon, a red, rocky marvel. There is something Spartan about this type of luxury – it connects to a silence like no other, a divine mysticism that can also refer to Native American culture, and a sense of delight that comes from the polished grace achieved in significant simplicity.

Amangiri is a lot about remoteness, the gift of isolation, the possibility to connect with a place that in its difficult access also means a sort of treasure hunt, the possibility to indulge, lounge and just be in a place that also reminds us of the mystical power in rugged beauty and silence. We are dreaming of spending mornings with breakfast in bed and coffee in glorious pajamas, in this starkly  gorgeous site.


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