Our philosophy also holds that in times of rest we create, we produce and we bloom. These are some of our beloved routines for that sacred day of the week in which self-care and indulgent pampering should take place.


Many of us have heard the proverb “a Sunday well spent brings a week of content”, and we fervently adhere to its predicament. One day in which all stands still, when we go deep within ourselves, we rest, we take time to indulge in our well-being – this sacred space for serenity, we believe, can set a different rhythm for the cycle of every week.

We’re constantly over-stimulated, exceeding screen time, receiving torrents of information and dealing with the multiple tasks of everyday life. We need one sacred day in which to seek a soothing mental frame for disconnection and the pleasures of leisure. To be a poet and a dreamer, clad in luxury sleepwear, away from the worldly noise, engaged in the pleasures of a scrumptious meal, under the spell of a book or diving into a long, carefully designed beauty and self-care routine.

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  1. A lavish breakfast (or an exuberant brunch)

In the early morning or closer to noon, we also believe in stimulating the senses, giving way to tasteful experiments and of course, eating in bed.

  • You can go for a dramatic cheese set up.
  • Whip up an Israeli or Mediterranean inspired brunch.
  • Create a beautifully mixed tablescape with eclectic flare.
  • Make it all French or Parisian themed.
  • Keep it simple but significant with black coffee, potent espressos, croissants, pastries, fresh OJ and a bunch of magazines and newspapers.
  • Or you can evoke your own version of a dreamy and appetizing hotel breakfast buffet.


2. Reading all morning (and most of the day) in bed

 There’s no other idea of a Sunday pleasure for an avid reader that the prospect of staying cozy in a delicious set of pajamas and crawling back to bed after breakfast, going to their favorite chair or spreading in the couch to engage in hours of reading.

We love Sundays with:

The Paris Review, The New Yorker, The Atlantic and with magazines such as New York Magazine, The Cut, The Gentlewoman, The Face, Harper’s, The Harvard Business Review, and of course books.


     3. A nourishing beauty routine or relaxation ritual

A long bath with a glass of white wine and scented candles.

An exfoliation routine.

An hour long face mask.

An entire session of moisturizing, exfoliation and nourishment.

Sundays are made for providing loving ways to restore balance and tend to our skins and bodies. Find your match in a sea of self-love possibilities.



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