There’s no denying 2020 has been a challenging and disconcerting period. But it is our belief that we can extract a sense of poetry and beauty from the most unlikely scenarios, in the midst of adversity. And we believe that gratitude is a powerful vehicle to achieve that. We are thankful and deeply grateful for your ongoing support through this chapter, for keeping the faith in us during hardship, for helping us push forward through the challenging year we are seeing off.

Our wonderful team has been committed to persevere in this process. We have continued our production and operations because of their wonderful determination. But none of it would have been possible without your support. None of this year’s advances and blessings would have been possible without you.

Homes have become everyday sanctuaries for many, which is why we appreciate you choosing us for the time you spend at your sacred space, resting, lounging, creating. It has been encouraging to see how so many of you have preferred small but significant brands, some of which strive to materialize a stylish sense of awareness and more sustainable practices. We wish to thank you for choosing our aesthetic, our philosophy, our vision. Your choice also leads us to believe that as we move into 2021, we will be able to reach the dreams we work for. Your presence makes us believe we can keep creating from a soulful sense of purpose.

This year has allowed us to grow our brand, our reach, and our platform. We have also begun an online journal made with dreamy images, substantial recommendations and enlivening beauty. It’s all curated editorial content specially and exclusively created for The Lazy Poet, bearing in mind all of the aspects she experiences in life.

Thank you, truly and deeply, for your willingness to move forward with us through this time. The courage, adaptability, the inspiring capacity to enliven fresher meanings to familiar realities are all things we are moved by and grateful for. We look forward to being with you in this gorgeous journey of life, where laziness, creativity, indulgence and poetry are all what we strive to bring into your life.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season.

And the most joyful and blessed Happy New Year!

My Store Admin