This year we’re meaning to look towards the substantial and the meaningful.

As we move into a new year after a period of uncertainty and hardship, we still face hazy prospects. A world health crisis has shaken our existences; the world, as we knew it, now convulsed, has invited our gazes to turn within. We made sacred temples of our homes. We reflected on life’s meaning. Now, we are currently in need of a grounded realism and a hopeful sense of spark. To be hopeful now means looking towards the smaller things, the simple but significant things, things that weave meaning into life.

Purpose, awareness, consciousness, quality, appreciation, gratitude, spirituality, simplicity, a loving attitude towards life, a will to fluidly adapt – these are the things we mean to engrave in the poetics of living. We wish you could join us in embracing these visions in the New Year.

  1. More books, less screens

It’s been widely proved that social media and screens are crucial in our digital lives, that they can be a powerful tool for work and research, a way of aesthetic escapism, a useful resource, but it’s also true they can stir anxiety, exhaustion and addictive habits. Which is why this year we chose balance. Spending an entire day with the phone off. No screens in the bedroom before bedtime. More time offline, and much more time spent reading. Find your own healthy rhythm, just be mindful as to why you need to be online and when it’s refreshing to disconnect and elevate your spirit.


2. Entertain more, eat out less

Hosting meals is a beautiful way to create traditions, to bring togetherness and to bring in warmth into our homes. It allows us to be stylistic imaginative when it comes to setting our tablescapes and mixing colors and flavors. It’s also a great way to create memories and to make of our homes sacred places. We can evoke family recipes or explore with thematic food preparations. Food is also a way of poetry and connection.


3. Go for stationery instead of texts and emails

There’s nothing more personal and beautiful in a digitally dominated world than handwritten notes and lovely stationery. It’s soothing to write feelings down on paper, it’s much more meaningful to say thank you, happy birthday, congratulations by being a little old school. It’s a wonderful way to sow human connection.

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4. Old-school cinema

Understanding the history of culture widens our perspectives and extends our aesthetic palette. This year we mean to watch and old movie at least once a month. Whether it be a top rated classic or a French New Wave film, watching old movies is also a way of slowing down time and understanding other forms of expression.


5. Gratitude as a spiritual daily practice

Whether you chose to do it through a journal or a diary, or if it’s simply the first thing you do when you wake up, choose gratitude, always, all the time. Being thankful for the smallest things elevates our vibe, shifts our moods and attracts the marvel of the blessings our souls long for. Being grateful also allows us to always look at life from a loving angle.

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6. Dress with the soulful chicness of consciousness

Buy less but better. Choose quality over trendiness. Look into the manufacturing conditions in which the clothes you wear are made, choose ethics over aesthetics. The Lazy Poet is all about providing and fabricating an ethical and aware sense of beauty and aesthetics. Our pajama wear follows this philosophy, it even gets better as it’s used and ages.

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7. Journals and handwriting

As with stationery, writing in notebooks can be a way of meditation. It’s also a powerful source of self-knowledge and expression. In expressing ourselves we achieve freedom. It’s also a wonderful way to reconnect to things that allow processes for our memory and our understanding of things. It’s also time off screens. A way of connecting with our inner worlds.

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8. The poetics in simplicity

Don’t forget to just enjoy yourself. Having a grilled cheese sandwich on a rainy day. The joy of having breakfast in bed. Just looking around taking a deep a breath and appreciating all the things that compose and beautify your existence. Enjoy coffee as you love to take it, have some of that cake you love, spend a day under the sheets devouring a novel, marvel yourself with a documentary film. Don’t forget to just indulge in the joy of being alive.

And also, create your own set of resolutions. May they be filled with a sense of awareness and connection that leads to your deepest self.

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