Lavish, exuberant, minimalist, sweet, salty or both, there are fewer things more delightful than weekends spent in pajamas, serving up indulging breakfasts. It’s a lazy poet´s way of enjoyment, it’s an aesthete’s way of self-reward, it’s a savory way to create family connection, and it’s a wonderful romantic excuse for time together.



We know there is bliss in that which is simple but significant. Contentment often comes from beauty in the shape of small things. It’s Saturday, it’s early, it’s a crisp morning and the smell of pancakes fills the kitchen air, just you and your partner, about to sip coffee, drink orange juice and indulge in the pleasantness of conversation, reading papers, simmering down, no rush, just romance and maple syrup with banana pancakes.

Or it can be a Sunday, friends visiting, a lavish brunch spread with all things sweet and salty. Perhaps it’s a long due family get-together and it’s all about frittatas with hollandaise and roasted asparagus, darling avocado toasts with salmon, and waffles to make it all a harmonious flavor wonder. Then it’s all about the joy of sharing, the liveliness found in a sense of belonging. Breakfast is a wonderful compilation of everything available to the senses.

We love to think of ourselves in lazy stylishness, clad in our pajamas, careless, immersed in the pleasant mixtures made only possible by breakfast. A glorious, indulging Sunday, all day in bed, all day in pajama wear. Or even a Monday we decided to skip, to share with our loved one, to grant to ourselves after long, harsh weeks of work. It’s the combination that brings such joy: PJs and a splendid breakfast. It’s undeniably a poetic scene to look forward to, wouldn’t you say?

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