We gathered an assorted mixture of postcard-worthy, life-long memorable destinations in which to seek the absolute indulgence of doing nothing, clad in exquisite pajamas and surrounded by the luscious ambience of tropical settings.


The unique cadences provided by tropical atmospheres. Swaying palm trees, lively blue skies, sun-drenched hours, dusty white beaches and the slow, indulging energy that is a distinguishable trademark in sacred places. There is no other ambience better fit for the pleasures of lounging, the possibility of presence and contemplation, the authentic prospect of leisure.

There is a poetry in tropical scenarios that awakens a singular sort of leniency – perhaps it’s the sultry enchantment or the silky waters, the humid tempos or the luscious greenery – but it seems like few contexts can instill in us a will to fully slacken the mind, allowing the spirit to grace itself in the pleasures of doing nothing or basking in presentness.

As we dream of new journeys, we evoke the alluring scene of ourselves in luxurious pajama wear, glancing at the sea, feeling the warm air, embracing subtle details in the stillness of the beautiful wonders surrounding our presence.

Here’s our selection for upcoming journeys.


The Ocean Club, Four Seasons Resort

Pristine Caribbean beaches, the gorgeousness of deep blue visions, this idyllic destination embraces adventurous spirits or souls seeking to allow a dazzling landscape to function as harmonious escapism.

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Palm Springs

Palmer Palm Springs

Delicious grounds, fruit trees, astounding palm trees, exuberant buganvilleas, a swift and dreamy relaxation – this beautifully and eclectically devised hotel is a gracious combination of modernist dreaminess and exuberant aesthetics. Laidback luxury meets mid-century feels in a place with character, and boldness in beauty.

Parker Palm Springs

Parker Palm Springs


Malliouhana Auberge Resorts Collection

Oceanfront resorts are always a grand decision. They fill the eyes and sensorial experience with azure visions, the immensity of blue deepness and the possibility to authentically unwind in the midst of utter tranquility. Island glamour, chic accommodations, yoga, sailing, beach horseback riding and the sight of oceanic postcards can be all part of the experience.

Auberge Resorts


Anguilla Beaches


Lux Grande Gaube

A retrochic tropical resort on the northern coast of Mauritius, with an aesthetic vision that collects the ideals of old-school tropicality with hanging plants, rattan lamps, intricately-painted tiles, collected furnishings and beautiful homeware. Streamlined decor combines with vibrant details and exquisite ambiences.

Vogue Australia

Vogue Australia

Vogue Australia

The Seychelles

This archipelagic island country on the African eastern coast is a marvel filled with private islands and magical resorts.

Seychelles Four Seasons

The Luxury Export


It doesn’t get more Caribbean chic than this jewel colonial city on the northern coast of Colombia. Pastel hues, romantic balconies, an enclosed colonial city drenched in the enchanting flavors, hues and sensorial qualities of the lavish Latin American tropicalism.


Santa Clara Hotel

Vogue France

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