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The Glistening Season

.Our festive spirit celebrates a sense of diversity, a joyful sense of richness. This holiday season we wish to convey the marvel of multiplicity: to celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa. And we wish for lazy poets to hold gratitude as both an everyday and a ritual spiritual practice.

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Saying thank you for the little things. The apparently lesser things. Being grateful for it all, the lively, the opaque, the struggle, the conquest, the pain, the joy, the stillness, the changes. Being grateful as a way of experiencing life with rotund beauty and intensity. With a strange and unsettling year coming to an end, these holidays call for a grounded festive spirit that connects us to all that is substantial in life.

Spirituality is a wonderful specter of possibility. Every culture reflects its soul in the ways it celebrates the symbolic, through its rituals, its sense of faith and its array of identities. Diversity is only richness. Gratitude evokes blessing. Life deserves to be treasured and loved. We wish to celebrate this holiday season with this vision. A holiday season that glistens for its purpose of significance.

To make it aesthetic and loving, full of just that: meaning. To syncretize is a possibility. You can revive the traditions of your very own identity, your family’s known ways, your newly shaped family’s reinventions, whoever you call family and home, these are all ways of creating your holiday season. You can stick to yearly traditions that feel like home or reinvent them with newer versions.

Christmas is about togetherness, family union, abundant tables, lavish meals, celebration, ornaments, pine trees, Latin traditions, American style décor, presents. It’s a Western tradition celebrated all over the hemisphere, with Scandinavian expressions as much as with Caribbean inflections. It can be modern or traditional; it can mean Nat King Cole holiday melodies or Latin grandmothers, rich meals, salsa and buñuelos.

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Hanukah bears the philosophical spirituality of Judaism – it’s a celebration and general wish for peace, light, good health. It’s also an honor to historical memory, a preservation of identity –it revives the victory of the Maccabees over a larger Syrian army. It’s a story of bravery and perseverance. A candle is lit each day for eight days, in a beautiful ritual that connects to light and spiritual celebration. It’s also about blue chic china tablescapes, latkes, beef briskets, kugel, challah and the bliss of family and tradition. It can also be an eight-day period to light our spiritual and deeper intentions.

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Love Always Audrey

Love Always Audrey

Kwanzaa is an honor to African-American identity, a beautiful tradition born from the politics of the 60s, a way for the black community to experience and create a ritual that can connect to ancestry and history. It was born as a way to create an own narrative as a people. It was created as a way to see in purpose and identity as a way of revolution. Kentes, African cloths, fruits, richly decorated ornaments in red, black and green are all a part of the tradition. It’s about honoring ancestors, compromising to have faith, self-determination and creativity. Candied yams, buttermilk biscuits, plantains and fritters are part of its flavors. Sharing is the most valued thing in the tradition’s meal.

And gratitude. Gratitude has no location or specific identity. It is the highest level of spiritual awareness, to be thankful for everything, to embrace it all, to live it fully and plentifully. Gratitude is the most gleaming source of contentment. That you have all of it in this holiday season is our heart-felt wish. That you be filled with diversity, spirituality and joy.

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